What is IoT- The Internet of Things?

It’s a terminology that is becoming more prevalent. For some people it feels like a marketing gimmick, others a reality.

For us, we’ll try to put it simply. We have lots more connected (via the internet typically) ‘devices’ in our worlds now such as phones, heating systems, lights, cars, delivery information…..the list goes on and on. This inter-connectivity means that data and control can pass simply and easily between these things.

Our focus is typically on the application of these in the home and commercial environment. Domestic technologies such as lighting, heating, solar power, security systems as starters.

A lot of products in the smart home market are very easily available to the consumer. What isn’t so apparent is how these things link together and the impacts they can have on our life. Just a couple of simple examples:

  • Fall detection and alert on vulnerable persons. We’ve all got people in our lives that we care deeply about but that are independent. This might notify a relative of a fall
  • Lighting Scene control, completely changing the ambiance and mood of a room or series of rooms. Imagine transitioning between a dinner and movie setting at the touch of a button, voice command or even motion
  • Individual room temperature control. No more turning on the heating for your entire house! Create a dynamic heating profile that maps your lifestyle.

All of these are easily achievable!

Our inspirations and places we use to find out more:

Stacey on IoT. Weekly content, mostly centered around the US market. Stacey and her co-hosts are very passionate about technology, solving user problems (they have a question every week!). Check it out here or at your podcast provider: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkzQAKW9DmqmQm_JxSUt5Gg

Tech with Brett, which is more demonstration focused. He gives some great outlines on starting your IoT journey https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjMVmz06abZGVdWjd1mAMnQ/featured

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