Knights of IOT User Quest: 4K No way! Challenges with 4K

We’ve loved writing about our own escapades with smart devices in our own homes and we really try to make it user friendly and most importantly – HUMAN. These devices have to form part of our lives and integrate with everyone in the home not just the tech lovers and developers. With that, we sometimesContinue reading “Knights of IOT User Quest: 4K No way! Challenges with 4K”

Meshing about with Mesh Wi-Fi

A topic we get asked about relatively frequently is Mesh Wi-Fi and what to choose. Home Internet and Wireless networks are absolutely commonplace and I think you would find relatively few homes without any kind of wireless network. Whilst it will never replace the speed of a cable the right application of Mesh can reallyContinue reading “Meshing about with Mesh Wi-Fi”

Smart Lighting in our own homes- Philips Hue with Will

Smart lighting is something I’ve had since the beginning of being interested in Smart homes. I bought a Philips Hue starter kit (bridge and a few bulbs), LED Light Strip and an Amazon echo dot for my first house. It was very rudimentary and not in any way integrated into the house at all. FamilyContinue reading “Smart Lighting in our own homes- Philips Hue with Will”

Heating the Home: What’s the future?

Sarah and I have been recently looking at moving house and our chosen property has an old hot air ducting heating system. At the same time, other friends were in a similar position but with an oil boiler and it lead to a great discussion that I’ll attempt to recreate in this blog. Typically theContinue reading “Heating the Home: What’s the future?”

Keep adapting your Smart Home-Routines!

A hopefully short and sharp blog from me this week to show some of the things that try to add on an infrequent basis. The point of this one is not to remain static, as you add new things to your home, can you integrate them together? This week, I introduced my latest routine, anContinue reading “Keep adapting your Smart Home-Routines!”

KIOT Use Case – Smart/Zone Heating

I thought you might like to see a use case from our own homes. This is a video walk through of the problem and the solution that we implemented in 2017. Our system cost breakdown: Drayton Wiser Multizone Kit- Today- £164.99 and consists of Controller, thermostat and 2 radiator valves. We needed 3 more valvesContinue reading “KIOT Use Case – Smart/Zone Heating”

Will’s IoT Wish List: Things to solve and Cool Things to Have!

We kicked off officially this week! Launching the WordPress site and generally having more discussions about things we want to write. I’m putting together an example from our own home, Zoned Heating, on our YouTube channel. It led me to thinking, what haven’t I done yet that really leaps to the front of my mind.Continue reading “Will’s IoT Wish List: Things to solve and Cool Things to Have!”

Considerations before you begin- Privacy

As I write this it is April 2020 and many of us have probably experienced breaches of privacy, or where we have given permissions we didn’t quite understand or comprehend. It’s also hard to anticipate some of the privacy ramifications further down the line. I’ve had ‘Smart’ devices in my home for about 4 yearsContinue reading “Considerations before you begin- Privacy”

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