Welcome to Knights of IOT.

Our mission at KIOT is to provide impartial, ethical advice for domestic and commercial smart applications. Helping bring you, your family and guests greater accessibility, comfort and information to everyday life.

From new beginnings to a future business. KIOT Timeline.


Will has a technical and sales background in process automation across multiple heavy industries such as Chemical and Power. Most recently this involves deploying wireless technology in dense industrial environments. This would be part of an industrial internet of things strategy with an all encompassing digital ecosystem. He generates social media content in this role with the #willywireless on LinkedIn and also spends a lot of time talking about concepts such as digital transformation.

He is passionate about technology at both work and home with the ever patient Sarah indulging some of his projects around the house. Keen to bring more technology into their lives, the human element of this is something that is very frequently talked about.


Phil is a Chartered Civil Engineer with a strong background in project management and technical delivery of infrastructure projects. Starting out in the build of a variety of projects from site development to major transport infrastructure, Phil then moved into design consultancy now focusing on transport infrastructure. Phil uses technology in his day to day role to manage data, track key activities and promote agile communication.

So why smart homes? Well, it’s a curiosity of the endless capabilities of technology and their application to daily life at home, linked to an ever present desire to develop properties that are unique to the individual that resides in them. Can it be done with a strong focus on consumer ethics and sustainability, he thinks so.

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